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Or use Terminal Services to get to Outlook..

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        Use Outlook Web Access.  
        If your users have laptops which they carry around, you should
create a VPN to your Exchange servers (if they're behind a firewall -
which they should) and have them access the mailbox directly

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                We have serveral locations running exchange. Each
location has the =
                We host our mail with an ISP, all mail for is =
                delivered to the ISP mail servers which is then
forwarded to the =
                Our exchange servers are connected to each other using
IMS connectors.=20
                When we send mail from one location to another, the mail
bypasses the =
                ISP mail server as our directory uses the respective =
                email address. We want our mail to go to the ISP server
and then get =
                forwarded as we do not want to run POP3 servers so that
users who travel =
                can check mail directly from the ISP.
                Any indication as to how to resolve this would be
greatly appreciated.
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