[ExchangeList] Exchange Issue

  • From: "Andrew English" <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 11:01:29 -0400


When I run the best practices on this Exchange server one of the
problems that it has is the "site folder server" has been deleted. When
I click on the link that takes me MS TechNet page on how to resolve this
issue I run into a bit of a snag when following the steps. 


MS steps are as follows:



Open an Active Directory editor, such as ADSI Edit.


Locate the public folder information store you want to designate as the
Site Folder Server, by expanding the following:

CN=Configuration,DC=<DomainName>,DC=com, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft
Exchange, CN=<OrganizationName>, CN=Administrative Groups,
CN=<AdministrativeGroupName> CN=Servers, CN=<ServerName>,
CN=InformationStore, CN=<StorageGroupName>


In the right pane, right-click CN=<PublicFolderStoreName>, and then
click Properties.


In the Attributes field, scroll down and select the distinguishedName


Click Edit, and then copy the entire attribute to the Clipboard.


Expand the Configuration container, and then expand
CN=Configuration,CN=<DomainName>,CN=com, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft
Exchange, CN=<OrganizationName>, CN=Administrative Groups


Right-click the administrative group you want to modify, and then click


In the Attributes field, scroll down and select the siteFolderServer


Click Edit, and then paste the value for the distinguishedName attribute
into the Value field.


Double-check the contents of the Value field to ensure the paste was
performed correctly, and then click OK to save the change.


Click OK to close the Administrative Group properties.


Exit the Active Directory editor and restart the Microsoft Exchange
Server Information Store service on all Exchange Server computers in the
site for the change to take effect.


I get all the way down to number 5, then I get lost as I don't see a
"configuration container" or anyway to expand the window I have open
where I copied the "distinguishedName" info from. I have even looked
thorugh the other CN= names and don't see one with Configuration. 


I am lost. :-(






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