RE: Exchange GURU needed! two domains merging

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I thought you said it would be a challenge?!  That's a routine occurrence

What you need to do, at a high level is to add the address as a
primary address and move the current address to a secondary-proxy-address.
Primary is the sending, secondaries are the receiving addresses.  Have about
as many as you want (I'd keep it below 255). 

As for the internet, you also have to manage the MX records.  At this point,
you have mail that you send from going out as  The
return path is's mail handler and you'll have to figure a way
that works for you to get the mail back to your server.  My initial thought,
without knowing your requirements beyond what you've already stated would be
to let the host forward the mail to your host.
Maybe a custom recipient for each of your users would do the

You want to make sure that the host is large and powerful enough
to handle double the load (or whatever it actually is).  You also want to be
sure that the disk space is enough on it if you stop managing the host.

Feel free to ping me offline if I can be of any help.


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Hello All

Here's a brain bender for you guru's out there. Need
help badly:
I have two companies that are merging. We have two
separate exchange boxes (5.5 version.) Both are in two different locations
and will continue that way.

What I'm trying to do is have my company KEEP our
existing domain email (i.e.,, and have
that company keep their domain email, (i.e., We want everythign to remain the same as
it is but have our ( company SEND email
that is "coming" from Bascially we want
to continue to receive email to our normal domain, but
when we SEND email, it should read that it's coming
from the other domain. 

Anyone know how to set that up in Exchange 5.5? 

Thank you!! Jared 

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