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  • From: Danny <nocmonkey@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 20:13:28 -0400

On 8/15/05, Mike Hogenauer <MHogenauer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Questions about Exchange DR, I have a single Server in my main corp location
> that has redundant boot drives and an External array for the mail store and
> Logs. 
> The server rebooted itself last night which is why I'm posting my questions.
> I've honestly never had to do a bare metal restore or restore whole
> information store(s) from a hardware failure and I'm looking for some good
> advice, software or articles so I can be fully prepared in case of the
> worst. Any info will help! 

Assuming your Exchange version here...  

Download and read the Exchange Server 2003 Disaster Recovery 'Bible'

If you search the (where you found this mailing list)
you will find some great tutorials and articles on the subject as

Bottom line:

1) Document your server; the more the better
2) Perform and test your online and offline backups
3) Read the MSKB's on the subject, and common mistakes
4) Monitor your server, look for errors before they turn into disasters
5) Monitor the performance of your server
6) Don't surf the net on any of your servers
7) Firewall them - both directions


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