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In my case all I had to was to first setup active sync on mobile device
(user name, password) and then in device there is an option for enabling
or disabling the direct push. It depends on the handheld you are using
and what operating system it is running on. In my case it was a TMOBILE



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how is direct push worked out I have tried this and I finally gave up
and had my cellphone get them by forwarding

Andrew Hancock <Andrew.Hancock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 



We are using Exchange Direct Push.


We use two ISA 2004 Firewall servers (Network Load Balanced) in our DMZ,
(in a workgroup config), backed off to, two front-end servers Network
Load Balanced, we have three clustered EVS behind the front-ends.


Front-end and Back-end servers are in our internal LAN.


ISA 2004 servers in the DMZ. (workgroup)


TCP 443, opened into the LAN.


Same certificiate used on all front-end and isa servers.


ISA 2004 OWA Published Rule setup on ISA.


We use XDA II/IIS/Mini IIs and ActiveSync





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        Is anyone using the new exchange direct push technology yet?


        I was told that to enable it I would need to map 443 from the
Internet to my Exchange server, and also that I would need an SSL
certificate installed. 


        I'm wondering if anyone has done it with only 1 exchange server?
I have 1 exchange server behind 1 firewall. No seperate exchange front
end, no seperate smpt server, and we dont use owa, so no owa server.
Just 1 exchange box. 


        I always have concerns opening ports up, so curious what other
people are doing. Would you only do this if you had a front end exchange
box in a DMZ?






        Thanks in advance,








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