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how is direct push worked out I have tried this and I finally gave up and had my cellphone get them by forwarding

Andrew Hancock <Andrew.Hancock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are using Exchange Direct Push.
We use two ISA 2004 Firewall servers (Network Load Balanced) in our DMZ, (in a workgroup config), backed off to, two front-end servers Network Load Balanced, we have three clustered EVS behind the front-ends.
Front-end and Back-end servers are in our internal LAN.
ISA 2004 servers in the DMZ. (workgroup)
TCP 443, opened into the LAN.
Same certificiate used on all front-end and isa servers.
ISA 2004 OWA Published Rule setup on ISA.
We use XDA II/IIS/Mini IIs and ActiveSync
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Is anyone using the new exchange direct push technology yet?
I was told that to enable it I would need to map 443 from the Internet to my Exchange server, and also that I would need an SSL certificate installed.
I'm wondering if anyone has done it with only 1 exchange server? I have 1 exchange server behind 1 firewall. No seperate exchange front end, no seperate smpt server, and we dont use owa, so no owa server. Just 1 exchange box.
I always have concerns opening ports up, so curious what other people are doing. Would you only do this if you had a front end exchange box in a DMZ?
Thanks in advance,

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