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  • Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 09:35:07 -0400

I use it.  It essentially makes an RPC over HTTP(S) connection from your
mobile device to your Exchange server, just like Outlook 2003 can.

It does not require 443/HTTPS, but it is highly recommended.
1 server is all you need.  You say you don't have an OWA server, but you
will need the HTTP Virtual Server enabled and functional on your
exchange box for this to work. This basically enabled OWA.


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Is anyone using the new exchange direct push technology yet?
I was told that to enable it I would need to map 443 from the Internet
to my Exchange server, and also that I would need an SSL certificate
I'm wondering if anyone has done it with only 1 exchange server? I have
1 exchange server behind 1 firewall. No seperate exchange front end, no
seperate smpt server, and we dont use owa, so no owa server. Just 1
exchange box. 
I always have concerns opening ports up, so curious what other people
are doing. Would you only do this if you had a front end exchange box in
a DMZ?
Thanks in advance,

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