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  • Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:31:39 -0500

Hello all,


    While cleaning up Exchange 5.5 in preparation for Exchange 2003 mixed
mode, I have noticed that our organization relies heavily on Departmental
mailboxes where several employees access and monitor the incoming e-mail.  I
want to ask your thoughts on moving some of these mailboxes to mail enabled
Public Folders instead...


1.      What are the Pros/Cons of doing this?
2.      Can users with access to a Public Folder with an SMTP address send
as that SMTP address (as they can with a mailbox)?
3.      Any potential issues that you may see with this?



Personally I like the idea of Using Public Folders for departmental
mailboxes because no domain account needs to be created and sub folders can
be created in Public Folders so that mail can easily be moved to an
'archive' folder instead of to a Personal Folder (also beneficial for
backup/restore purposes)...  This way, mgt. can be given access to all
related folders, and received mail...


I know many of you will say, 'you can create sub folders in the mailboxes
for backup'  but I have not allowed that in the Exchange 5.5 org due to
drive space restrictions on our old hardware.  This *will not* be an issue
with the new hardware used in the Exchange 2003 environment.


I am concerned that the departments will abuse the size limits and Public
Folder size may grow substantially.  I know there are limits that can be
assigned to PF's, but I want your opinions on this method from real world


I appreciate your thoughts....




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