RE: Exchange Archiving solution

  • From: "Michael B. Smith" <michael@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 09:30:31 -0500

I would say you've been lucky.

I've seen a number of them over the years.

If for no other reason, the primary technical reason would be that the
configuration isn't supported by Microsoft.

I looked into this in depth some years ago, and as I remember it, the
network redirector doesn't have all the levels of file and record-level
locking that are present in local storage. So, those "other levels" are
simulated. The simulation is, as are all simulations, imperfect. Under
certain situations, a PST record on a network drive may not get locked
when it should, and the PST can be corrupted. 

Then again, my memory could be bad.

From: Robert K Coffman Jr - Info From Data
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 8:21 AM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Exchange Archiving solution
Wait for what?
I have to add my own anecdotal info here, I have PSTs on shared network
drives and despite a myriad of hangs/crashes due to bad hardware and
general abuse of my workstation, I have yet to see a corrupted PST.
Maybe I've just been lucky all these years?
PSTs on shared network drives are a bad management practice but in my
experience there isn't any technical reason not to put them on a share.
- Bob Coffman  
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From: Steve Moffat [mailto:steve@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:37 PM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Exchange Archiving solution
Wooohh hooo
Just wait.....
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