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Just want to pass along a big "THANK YOU" to Mark Fugatt and Chris
McNally!  The info you supplied on how to administer Exchange 2000 from
a WinXP Pro box saved me a ton of time searching, reading, beating my
brains against the wall and so on.  
One further note on the subject:  Chris said maybe you can just go ahead
and install the .NET admin tools pack and then Exchange System
Manager.the answer is no.  You have to install the Windows 2000
Administration Tools Pack on XP first, before you can install the System
Manager from the Exchange 2000 cd.  You can install just plain ol'
'Exchange 2000', but that does not install the System Manager part.  You
can only install the System Manager part onto an XP Pro box AFTER you
have installed the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack on the same XP
Pro box.  And yes, you can do this.  Just hit 'Continue' even though the
Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack setup complains that you are not
running the correct version of windows. It complains, but it lets you go
ahead and finish the install.  And then you pop in the Exchange 2000 cd
and FINALLY you are able to choose to install the System Manager part.
And follow Mark's advice:  install the service pack for Exchange 2000
(it is now SP3)  after you finish getting the System Manager installed.

Bottom line:  yes you CAN use a WinXP Pro box to administer Exchange
2000.  You just have to push your way past that 'you can't do this'
warning that you get when you try to install the Windows 2000 Admin
Tools Pack onto the XP box.  After that, there are no more complaints
and things install very smoothly.
Karen Sorrell, MCSE2+Exch2K, MCT, CCNA
Regional Systems Engineer
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From: Mark Fugatt [mailto:mark@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Microsofts official answer is to use Microsoft Terminal Services, but
this method has worked for me and many others, but it is not supported
by Microsoft.
1. Install Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2 Admin Pack
2. Install Exchange 2000 System Manager
3. Install Exchange 2000 SP2
4. Uninstall Windows 2000 SP2 Admin Pack
5. Install Windows .NET Server Beta Admin Pack
Mark Fugatt
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From: Eric Lanyon [mailto:ELanyon@xxxxxxx] 
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I have a really stupid question.  I want to admin my Exchange 2000
server from my desktop.  If memory serves, I need to install a portion
of Exchange onto my local machine.  When I do that, it says I don't have
Windows 2000 Admin Tools loaded, but I do.  Am I going about it wrong?
My PC is WinXP Pro.

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