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  • From: "rolamohammed" <rolamohammed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 01:13:10 +0600

Dear All,

We were having a Server As Domain Controller called

this server had several OU and each OU inside it, and it has a group Policy
applied to it.

we used to take the Backup of This server as :-

1- System State .
2- SYSVOL Folder.

for some resoans, this server has been formatted and completely formatted.

Now, i did not take a backup from the Group  Policy which i assigned to the
Users OU at all.

I want to implement the same group policy on the same OU as Before .

So, i am thinking of another IDEA, Please Follow it with me.

1- As long as i have the Backup from the Domain Controller which is SYSTEM
STATE & SYSVOL , i will install Windows Server 2003 on onther server  & i
will create the Domain Controller with the same name but without any
Configurations at all on ( New Server ) .

2-Once the Windows Server 2003 installed and configured completely , i will
restart it , and i will choose F8 to choose ( Active Directory Disaster
Receovery Mode ) .

3- i will restore the Backup as we know.

But , while i am doing it, i Discover that, i forget the Password of the
Domain Controller in Disaster recovery mode , & i found that , i am Unable
to Login , at F8 Choice .

Please, can any one Help me & guide me , to see what is going on & how to
solve this situation in Order to solve it . as soon as possible .

Please Urgent Help.

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