[ExchangeList] Exchange 5.5 standard to Enterprise upgrade

  • From: Jose Medeiros <josemedeiros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 13:05:24 -0700

-------------------------------------------------------Hi Dave,

What you want to do can work, however from my experience the migrations that were most successful were those that I exported all mail from the Exchange 5.5 server using exmerge and then re-importing into Exchange 2000 / 2003. If your running Blackberry or other third party applications, Cisco Unity, Good Link server etc.. the AD connector may have issue's.

Also if there is corruption in your 5.5 database, Emerge does a better job of exporting the mail where the AD move may fail.

If you still decide to install and use the AD connector, make sure you use the latest revision provided with the Exchange 2003 service pack.

Personally, I would recommend that you hire an Exchange consultant that specializes in these type of migrations so if some thing goes wrong, you can blame him or her, and still save your job ( I learned the hard way ).

Just my two cents.

Jose :-)

Dave stevens wrote:
OK, so I have not gone down this route simply because the customer can not get hold of an exchange 5.5 enterprise media. I did the long process of archiving mail and doing a defrag. This worked cos I claimed bak about 4gb. this should carry us for about 2weeks. The issue now is that thier current environment is Windows 2000 AD mixed mode My question, can I install exchange 2003 onto windows 2000 AD mixed mode and then migrate the mailboxes over. I guess this would be the easiest way forward ? Any tips would be great, including whitepapers. Ta Dave

*/Matt Maher <brassmonkeee@xxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:

    -------------------------------------------------------I have a
    similar issue creeping up on us soon as well.

    Does the Exchange 5.5 Standard DB dismount at 16,000,000kb or a TRUE
    16GB (16,777,220kb)??


    On 3/30/07, Dave stevens wrote:
     > Hi Guys,
     > I have a client who is experiencing the 16gb limit, hence the
    need for an
     > upgrade. Anyone got a ny docs on this and what to look out for.
     > Environment: NT4.0, Exchange 5.5 Standard SP4.
     > Can exchange 5.5 enterprise be installed on NT4.0 standard or does it
     > require the enterprise.
     > Ta
     > Dave
     > The Plan is to move them to exchange 2003 and AD 2003 soon, but
    we need to
     > get mail backuo and running

Sincerely, Jose Medeiros

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