Exchange 5.5 server rebuild Preparation

  • From: "Chris Wall" <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 10:53:41 -0500

Hello all,
    I am tasked with rebuilding one of our current exchange 5.5 servers on a
new system this weekend.  I would like for you all to take a look at the
processes that I have written down and make any suggestions to any steps
that I may be missing.  Thanks for your time to assist in a smooth
Here are some facts:
  Server name: will stay the same on the new server
  Server Platform: moving from NT4.0 to Win 2k
  Exchange Platform: will remain Exchange 5.5 on the new server
  Role of this server: Mailbox server and Public Folder home server for our
Steps for Rebuild:
1. Prepare Win2k OS with all SP's on the new server 
    - temporarily name the server a different name with a DHCP assigned IP
    - configure drive setup as needed
2. Stop Exchange services on current exchange server
3. Move a copy of Priv and Pub files to new Server
4. remove current Exchange server from the network (remove from Domain)
5. delete current Exchange server name from Server Manager (to prevent MAC
or SID conflicts with new server)
6. change server name of new server to the name of the old server and assign
the same static IP address that old server had
    - this will create new MAC, SID and computer accounts in Server Manager
for the new server
7. Install Exchange 5.5 on the new server, add to the Site and Organization
8. Apply Service Pack 4 and any other patches for Exchange 5.5
9. Stop the exchange services on the new server
10. Replace the Priv and Pub.edb's with the restored files from the old
exchange server ( do I need to run any utilities on these first?)
11. Delete MTA stack on the Exchange Bridgehead server and create new one
for the new exchagne server
12. Start Services on the new Exchange server. (hopefully they will start :)
13. Create MTA Stack on the new Exchange server to talk with Bridgehead
14. Verify Message flow on new server 
15. Anything special need to be done for the Public Folders?
Chris Wall

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