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  • From: Dêniz Feital (Chiptek) <dfeital@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:39:29 -0300

        First issue: Did you install the other server in the same
organization and site? If so, you are a happy man, just move mailboxes to
the newest server and users will not even know their mailboxes were moved to
the new server. Its as simple as that.

        When you finish moving those mailboxes, you have some steps to do
before format the server, like move connectors, move public folders,
schedulle free busy.



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My Private Info Store is corrupt. It still works, but gives me a 1018
corrupt error in the Event Viewer about every second of every day. I want to
use ExMerge to move users mailboxes to another server so I can re-build the
e-mail server, and then move the files back. I wanted to do this to Exchange
2K, but I am about six weeks away from that.

If any of you have done this, kindly give my plan a quick read and if you
see anything I sould or should not do, please let me know.

I've built another server, Exchange 5.5 SP4 over Win2K Server SP3. Same
domain, but different server name. Then shut down Internet Mail on the first
and start exmerge. My priv is about 6 gigs, so I figure about six hours.
It's a dual 2-gig Xeon server with Cheetahs and 2 gigs of RAM. The server
I'll be using to move the boxes to is a dual 500 with 1 gig of RAM.

Then I need to move the public folders, although these are grossly underused
and don't contain much, so they could even be lost and then re-built easily.

The slower server will have to be the e-mail server for a little while I
figure out what went wrong on the Kahuna.

What do I need to look for? Do I have the basic idea right?

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