Exchange 5.5 gets the PDC busy when it dial out

  • From: "George" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 05:14:53 -0600


My Domain A is in the HO  and My Domain b is whre i am.  We have installed
an Exchnage server at HO  and Domain B both are designated bridge heads 
connecting and exchanging messages via PSTN dial up.

The conern is when my Exch 5.5 dials up to Domain A (HO) it maeks all of
my outlook client hangs.  Busy...cant retrieve mail, senb mail  and the
global address book is not available.  More you cant
even ping the PDC where Exch 5.5 also exist.  I know this is a bad
implementation but just the
same  can i do anytihng to loosen up this problem.

This is not a good. sign.  Imagine if someone send mail at 2MB size my
Exch will dial and till it has not retrieve and send the 2MB message
everyhting on my domain -- Outlook client that is  freezes.  and in the
event that someone is trying to log on to the PDC he can't  because the
server is busy and cant function properly as Master browser.
Pls  a littel help.


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