Exchange 5.5 Server Crash

  • From: todd.fleenor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 09:31:52 -0600

I do volunteer work for my church where they have an older Exchange 5.5 on
a Compaq. They also have a newer, Dell 1400 server with Active Directory
and Exchange 2000 on it.

5.5 server: Windows 2k Adv. Server SP2, Exchange 5.5 SP4
Ex2000 Server: Windows 2k adv. server SP2, Exchange 2000 SP2.
ADC installed, etc.

The 5.5 server will not fully boot. It just sits there saying "Preparing
Network Connections..." Looks like a hard disk error or controller error.
The server will boot in Safe Mode with Networking, so I can get the db
files off of it and perhaps try ExMerge??

Even before this crash, I was going to migrate the mailboxes from 5.5 to
2000, but I can't get any accounts to logon to the new Exchange 2000
server other than the Administrator account.

In other words, if I create a new User in Active Directory and create a
new Exchange 2000 mailbox for them, they can't attach to it from Outlook.

The Administator can attach to his mailbox, but no one else.

I thought it migh be a permissions issue or something, but each person has
"Full Mailbox Access" under the Exchange Advanced tab.

What could I be missing?

I need some ideas:

1. How to restore the mail from the DB files off the old Exchange 5.5
server... Exmerge to PST... then import into Outlook?

2. How can I fix Exchange 2000 so users can login to their new mailboxes?
(re-install Exchange 2000??)


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