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Is the originator '<>'? If so, it's your server sending out NDR's to 
originators og messages that hasn't been delivered to anyone on your server. 
For instance, if I send a message to dude@xxxxxxxxxx and there is no 'dude' at 
that domain, '<>' will send a NDR back to me informing me that it couldn't be 
delivered. This is commonly misinterpreted as spam.
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        Hi all,  
        I have a spamming problem.  I have tried to understand the reason why I 
am getting all this spam in my outgoing queue.  My server is internal and port 
25 is close on my FW.  I have a send mail server on the outside that forwards 
all email to my exchange server on the inside.  The send mail server is not an 
open relay, neither is my exchange  box.  I can't even ping it from the outside.
         Yet on a daily basis I get a lot of emails without originator on my 
ques.  I have nothing check on my routing restrictions tab, but I figured I 
don't need to because it is in the inside.
        Hope one of you has an answer for me.
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