RE: Exchange 2k and Windows 2003

  • From: "Steve Moffat" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 03:27:25 +0100

Hi folk's

I've certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.....:))

As an aside, not all clients are CMP's, let alone large sites. Small
sites sometimes have to use what they have, rather than what they should
use. The site that I have set the test site up for, will in the next few
months, be blowing their complete IT budget and a little bit more, on a
new server, which will have Windows 2K3 on it because they (not me),
want to keep as much on top of the os upgrade path as they can. This
means having, (perhaps not wanting), to stick with Exchange 2K as they
can't afford an upgrade to exchange, (never mind that Exchange 2003 is
still in Beta).

Also small sites very rarely can afford the prices MS charge for their



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