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I have had our server go down 4 times since we implemented Exchange2000. 
The first thing the techs (at Microsoft) would ask is, "is your Exchange server 
a Domain controller?"
It always seemed that they sounded relieved that the server was not a DC. 
I also talked to some Techs about the Global Catalog being on another server. 
If you have Exchange as a DC and GC Server then there is a large load on the 
server. If your server is a Gig connection and depending on the amount of 
traffic it should be ok but, it is always better to offset the amount of 
traffic on that server. 

Long story short, if you have enough servers keep the Exchange a Member server. 

Just my option. 

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I have found many articles stating you should NOT make your Exchange
2000 server a domain controller.  However, I have found just as many
articles stating that it is OK as long as you have a good server.  I am
looking for opinion only.  Don't need facts (I have them pointing both
ways.)  Please let me know what your personal experience or opinion is
with having Exchange 2000 server as a Domain controller....
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