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From everything I have read regarding the upgrade process, slapping a cd in
and saying upgrade is a very bad idea. I'm in the middle of my migration
now, and I have sever problem with my move mailbox wizard, which is taking
MS forever to figure out. 

My recommendation to you, is if you aren't comfortable with it, then hire a
consultant. This upgrade isn't for the faint of heart. Otherwise, you have a
lot of research to do before you ever touch the product. 

Good Luck,

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I've been thrown into the deep end at work.  I have been asked to do
something i don't know anything about.

Currently we are running exchange 5.5 on win nt.  But the boss wants to
upgrade to E2K and W2K.  Seeing that the server is mission critical i am
very nervous about running upgrades on it.  So I came up with a
non-stressful idea, i just don't know if it would work.

Is it plausible to do a clean install of W2K and E2K on a new harddrive
(the databases are small) and copy over exchange 5.5 information stores?

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.  References, tips,
anything.  Thanks in advance.

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