RE: Exchange 2K, SP3, SMTP Addressing and alias's

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:44:12 -0800

Are the multiple smtp addresses within the same namespace (ie-
user@xxxxxxxxxx, user1@xxxxxxxxxx) or do they use a different namespace?
(ie- user@xxxxxxxxxx, user1@xxxxxxxxxxx )
If it's the latter, I would assume the default recipient policy isn't
setup to allow the second domain inbound?
Lots of Luck! 
Clancy Wendt, MCSE MCP MCP+I 
Service and Support Manager 
Microage Sierra 
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From: Linda Wilson [mailto:lwilson@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange 2K, SP3, SMTP Addressing and alias's
Hi all,
Is it possible to turn off the ability to have more than one SMTP
address?  We have several folks and situations that require alias's....
or additional smtp addresses... and are unable to make them work.
When we add them to the user email addresses, and test... only the
Primary SMTP works..
I am sure the answer is simple, but it is eluding me right now.
Thank you,
Linda Wilson 
Information Technology Specialist 
National Bank of the Redwoods - 
2227 Capricorn Way, Suite 100 
Santa Rosa, CA 95407 
707-522-5230  voice 
707-522-5271 fax 
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