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  • From: "Marvin Cummings" <marvc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Exchange Mail List" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 06:21:14 -0400

Hi all. Let me first make it known that I'm new to this list and that I'm
also new to using Exchange 2K, so my thanks in advance for any assistance
bestowed upon me from anyone on this list. Now on to my problem.
I'm attempting to install Exchange 2000 Standard on my home network for the
3rd time and I'm havig major ptoblems. Let me first start with my network,
which consists of the following:
W2K Server domain running Active Directory & DNS, SMS Server running IIS,
Seperate W2K Web Server, Exchange server, ADSL for internet connectivity.
The first time I installed excahnge it semed to be fine, except for the fact
that none of my exchange services were started, nor could I find any listed
in my services area. This is where I'm thinking my problems are starting
from because I'm unable to do anything.  I'm also unsure on what else to do,
meaning comnfiguring SMTP & POP, etc.
Can anyone provide me with some kind of list of things to be done after the
initial install? Shouldn't my services start automatically? Are there any
white papers on installation that provide step-by-step instructions?  I'm
attempting reinstall it again, so any help on this issue would be

I'm using "The Complete Reference - Exchange 2000 Server" published by
Osborne as my "reference", but it's a tad confusing.

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