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How did you create the certificate? Did you create a request for the certificate on the exchange server or the ISA server?




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Hi Guys,


I just need a bit of clarity on this. Why MS has decided to change things, beats me. We are looking to publish owa through isa 2006.

Exchange 2007 was installed with the default certificate applied during installation. Now we have created a request for a CA sll which has just arrived.


We are looking to publish owa for start, then move on to other things ie ActiveSync. Now my questing is how you got about this to get things to work.


We already have a dns name called owa.jackmurray.com, which the Certificate was created in, now how do we go about getting this to work, and also would applying this new certificate disbale the default one. Please setps would be very helpful, I am finding it dificult to understand why ms has made thinsg so complicated.








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