[ExchangeList] Re: Exchange 2007 Problems

  • From: "Troy Armour" <troy@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 11:42:32 -0000


i have tried sending any attachment and it still doesn't go...even if it is 
50k. i am stumped.

i have all the mail sendings at either default or 20MB...

anyone else any ideas

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  On 16/02/07, Troy Armour <troy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    2. i have set the mail restriction sizes on the server to 20MB per mail for 
each user.  i have also get a 20MB limit on the server itself using the shell. 
yet it will not receive anything in that is 15MB-nor can they send anything 
that is 2MB. what am i doing wrong here?

  Not sure on the 2Mb limit there, are you sure you typed it in right? :)
  The 15/20Mb limit sounds right though - figure on files expanding about 33% 
when you email them, due to the encoding method. Theres nothing you can do 
about this other than change the limit or use another way of sending massive 


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