Exchange 2003 receipient e-mail addresses

  • From: "Toine Vervoort" <ToineVervoort@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 14:41:53 -0600

i have 1200 users in 1 active directory. I have 27 e-mail domains on the
exchange server.
Every user has at least one e-mail address in one of the E-mail domains.
I want to add one extra e-mail address from one of the 27 e-mail domains
to all users that do not already have an e-mail address in that mail
domain. I also want to keep the original E-mail address and i must keep
the DEFAULT address to the original one.
I only want to add one extra e-mail address (of one of the E-mail domains)
to all receipients that do not already have an address in that E-mail
I tried the receipient policy in exchange manager, but it does not what i
When i create a new policy with the SMTP E-mail domain that i want to add,
it creates a new address for the users, but when there are users with
e-mail addresses with a name before the @ that is different than the user
logon name (Ex.: username: "PeterL", has an default e-mail addres
"Peter.Long@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx") it creates a new E-mail address
PeterL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and makes this one the default address.
 Is there a way to do this in Exchange manager or are there any tools that
can add an e-mail address to every user without changing the default
address or adding an extra address in the same mail domain?

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