RE: Exchange 2003 owa works on some servers and not on the other

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When you say the owa page doesn't generate correctly like you were
viewing it through netscape, does the page look like it's generating a
bunch of weird squares and loading...? If so, I change your virtual
directories permissions to anonymous, integrated and basic at root and
propagate it down. Not sure why this happens, I've seen this happen on a
brand new build with all default settings on a standard edition.  

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We have an exchange 2003 front end server and 3 back end 2003 servers,
all are running windows SP1 and exchange SP1.  All are Windows 2003
Standard Editions except the newest back end which has been built with
Enterprise edition.

Currently we can log onto our mailboxes via OWA on the standard edition
but the enterprise one just doesn't generate the page correctly.  We can
log into the enterprise one directly (not via front end) and get access
to the mailbox with no problem but when accessing the same mailbox via
the front end server it doesn't work (the page attempts to display but
is very 'old' looking as if you were using something like netscape4) and
just says loading. 
We thought this implied that there was an issue on our firewall not
allowing everything through properly but our firewall people tell us
that the enterprise server is in all the same groups as the standard one
so the allowed traffic should be the same for each server.

Obviously the fact that this is an enterprise version is the major
difference but I haven't been able to find anything that says that this
type of configuration shouldn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why it might not be working?


Colin McDerment

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