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I guess my opinion is: it depends.


What information do you want from the old networks? Just account names
and usernames?


If so, personally, I would write a script and not go through the hassle
of installing and configuring the other things.


Otherwise, it would depend on what I needed as to what tool I would use.



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Hello all,


   Looking for some opinions here...


Brief description of network:

Currently, I have just completed the upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to
Exchange 2003 for our North America offices/domain.  Our setup is one
forest, with 3 child domains - all a part of the same exchange


Tasks upcoming:

Our EMEA divisions are all running separate domains (mixture of NT 4.0
and Win2000 AD and Linux).  There are approximately 7 separate domains,
all operating under their own namespace with various e-mail systems.


To bring our organization 'together', we are planning a hub in the
Netherlands that will be a child domain in our forest.  In this new
child domain, we will install an Exchange 2003 cluster that will be a
member of our organization.  They will continue to use their individual
domains (ex.,, based on routing groups and
Recipient Policies.


We will NOT be upgrading existing systems or mail environments.  The
network will be strictly Windows 2003 AD. The users will start with new
mailboxes and their local IT staff will be responsible for archiving
e-mail content to PST files or use Exmerge where possible.


We plan to create OU's per country and delegate administrative rights
that way.


Once the new child domain is setup in the Netherlands, we can create
trusts to the existing domains so that we can use tools for migration.


My question:

What tool(s) do you recommend for importing/creating the user accounts
from the current domains into the new child domain?

My goal is to prevent having to create the accounts individually in
their respective OU's.

Should I use the Inter-organizational tools, ADC, mixture of both, or
something else?


Thanks for your opinions and expertise.


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