Exchange 2003 and external domain

  • From: "John Sullivan" <jsullivan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:38:21 -0600

I have a network with one remote office connected to us via VPN. These are
2 seperate domains. The remote domain connects to us solely for access to
Exchange Server. Each of their users has a mailbox on our server. Both
sites are currently running active directory and their is non-transitive
trsut setup between the two. I currently have all of the remote users on
an Exchange 5.5 server over here that was in place long before we went to
Active Directory - I did not even have to resetup the trusts afterwards as
they seemed to still be in tact since the remote users are able to access
their email.

From the Exchange 5.5 Server if I setup a new mailbox and click on NT
account their domain is in the drop down list along with my local domain
and I am able to browse and select a user from their domain.

Now I would like to move all of their mailboxes over to the new Exchange
2003 server but am not sure where to start. When I go into Active
Directory user and computers and right click on it and choose Connect to
Domain I cannot access their domain.

Do I need to have them run domainprep or forestprep in their domain? Do I
need to create administrative user accounts in both domains to set any of
this up? I dont want to give them my exchange admin user name and

Any help is appreciated... 


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