RE: Exchange 2003 and SMTP Backbone

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When you say gateway, let's be sure we're talking the same thing:

Are you talking about connection to the internet?  

A 'gateway' is usually used to refer to a device or program that converts
data from one format to another in order to transport/transform it to
another system.  In that sense, Exchange has no gateway.  It's transport
mechanism is SMTP natively vs. 5.5 which is X.400-like natively and requires
a gateway to get mail from the internal network into SMTP format.  

Can Exchange 2003 handle the load?  Obviously that depends on what you're
requirements are exactly.  I've seen them handle better than 1 million in a
24 hour period on a single machine, but size, quantity, and disposition make
an impact.  

PMDF is a much older implementation that was a great system.  Still has it's
uses, but I don't personally see why I would want to pay for that extra
piece.  I don't see the value add in my case.  I've run several shops on
straight Exchange for years and haven't had a complaint about it that I see
PMDF solving.  I also don't care to deploy *nix just for the sake of some
obscure email component, but that's me.  I'm more put off by the thought of
paying for an extra mta or bind implementation :)

I would guess that your requirements are really what should drive this
conversation vs. product specific concepts.  The two products can both
handle the load as far as I know (not used PMDF in years).  I would further
say that if you look at your requirements, then it would be much easier to
figure out which solution you would need.  It's always nice to have a
simpler solution than a more complex one.

My $0.04 anyway  

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We're migrating from Exchange 5.5 to 2003.  For years we've used Process
Software's PMDF as our SMTP mail gateway.  Our Microsoft Rep has been
pushing us to move off of PMDF and use Exchange 2003's smtp mail gateway. 
They tell us Exchange can handle the email load we have along with the
spoofed messages and bad addresses.

In order for me to make a go/no go decision I'd like to hear from this forum
on issues, concerns, successes you've had using Exchange 2003 as your smtp

Deb Pearson
Postmaster for HealthPartners

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