RE: Exchange 2003 Public folders

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  • Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 14:30:45 -0400

How can an email message authenticate itself to be delivered to a public
folder?  Because no credentials can be defined, anonymous access must
granted in order for mail to be delivered. The anonymous user has to
have create privs, it does not have to have read privs.  This means mail
can be delivered, but once it is delivered, no one else can read it.  If
this is insufficient, you can have the mail delivered to a mailbox and
have a mailbox rule move the message to the public folder.  
I disagree with public folders being 10 times worse.  Microsoft has
given us the capability to cascade permissions (as well as other
attributes) from a folder to all of its children.  While this is more
like the NT model than Windows 2000 inheritance, it is still much better
than Exchange 5.5.  
By default a public folder has the following 5 tabs:  General,
Replication, Limits, Details and Permissions.  If the public folder is
mail enabled it will also have Email Addresses, Exchange Advanced,
Exchange General and Member Of.  In Exchange 2003 public folders are not
given mailing addresses by default.  When you mail enable a public
folder, you then see the additional 4 tabs.  
Hope this helps!


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Hi all
Any light that could be shed on this would be very much appreciated. I
have tried looking it up in books and at muiple TechNet articles to no
The whole subject seems to suffer from a complete lack of decent
Many thanks in advance.
Paul Lemonidis.
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From: paul_lemonidis@xxxxxxxxxxx 
To: [ExchangeList] <mailto:exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  
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Subject: Exchange 2003 Public folders

Hi all

Exchange 2003 and public folders seem a complete nightmare with little
if any logic to the permissions structure in regard of emailing to them.
I am having issues with users sending messages to public folders. The
fact that you can drag and drop to a folder but the same user cannot
send to it even when logged on and online seems utter stupidity quite
honestly. TechNet article 319735 says to grant the anonymous user create
permissions? Surely at that point you can forget security altogether? AD
security except if you want to send email to public folders, in that
event you simply have no security as absolutely anyone would be able
send to it surely?;en-us;319753&Product=e

The other thing that baffles some is why do some folders have an extra
four tabs in Exchange System Manger MMC.

Can anyone shed any light on my nightmare please. Public folders were
not exactly nice in 5.5 but they now seem to be 10 times worse!

Many thanks in advance.


Paul Lemonids.

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