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  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 23:21:18 +0100

I thought I would add at this point that it was possible to view what time a 5.5 mailbox was created (in Exchange Administrator), just need to find out how to find the equivalent timestamp in Ex2k3.

On 10/25/06, Michael B. Smith <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I can't find any supported way to do it, other than using direct MAPI calls.


I wouldn't mind being corrected either.


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I don't know how to easily do that; I don't think it is a readily accessible value.  Obviously, the mailbox is an attribute of the user in AD.


But I wouldn't mind being corrected.


I would expect somewhere, maybe with some logging in place at the time, we would have been able to record when a user became mailbox enabled. 





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Is it possible to determine what time an Exchange 2003 mailbox was created? I know it is possible to determine what time a user account is created (on the Object tab in ADUC), but do not know how to find out what time the account was mail enabled.


Thanks in advance,



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