Re: Exchange 2003 Front-end design

  • From: Dan HINCKLEY <dah@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:47:48 +0100

CGnet, in Menlo Park, CA

Gatekeeper service

About $1/mailbox/month

Our volume isn't huge (2 - 4 thousand emails per day I'd guess); 500+ mailboxes; 100 small lists.

At 14:26 12/17/2004, you wrote:

Care to share the service you are using? Also an idea of your mail volume and the cost?

I'm always looking for good solutions I can validate and refer my customers to.

On 12/17/04 3:30 AM, "Dan HINCKLEY" <dah@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> At 05:53 12/17/2004, you wrote:
>> Currently trying to decide on the best Front-end deployment of Exchange
>> 2003 for our organization...
>> I am leaning towards using windows 2003 server NLB (network load
>> balancing) on 3 servers in our DMZ.  These three servers will all perform
>> SMTP Gateway, OWA with SSL, RPC over HTTPS duties and each will have GFI
>> Mail Security and Mail Essentials running on them...  These servers will
>> not be clustered - at least they will not share an external NAS or SAN
>> device for storage.  They will rely on their own disk stores individually.
>> A little info about our domain..
>> - I am estimating no more than 50 to 75 OWA users at any time.  RPC over
>> HTTPS will be used sporatically at best.  We receive on average 4 million
>> e-mails per month, 85% of which is marked as SPAM.
> one small point here: we now pay for an external spam filtering service,
> and it removes 85-90% of the spam w/no false positives. It is quite
> wonderful how this drops the load on your ES infrastructure. It also means
> we can limit SMTP connections to the IP of the filtering service.
>> I expect this number to drop drastically when GFI is installed on the
>> Exchange 2003 FE servers and can reject emails destined for non-existent
>> e-mail addresses on our domain.
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