Exchange 2003 Cluster Question

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 12:10:52 -0800

Hi Jeff,

I do not believe that the Compaq StorageWorks 4314 is a SAN ( Storage Area
Network ). This unit appears to be a DAS. To qualify as a SAN it generally
has to run Fibre Channel. However the NAS vendors are now trying to
re-market there NAS devices as a SAN suggesting that you also put in a
separate 1Gb or better copper lan, then technically that would also make a
NAS Storage Array using ISCSI device a SAN.  Keep in mind that any more then
30 milliseconds of write delay can cause corruption in an Exchange Database,
that is why a real Fibre Channel SAN is preferred when it comes to Exchange
Servers. Fibre Channel does not have the overhead that TCP/IP does when
using ISCSI especially when you enable error checking in digest mode (
Highly Recommended ). TCP/IP offload cards from Adaptec, Qlogic, Emulex and
others solve this, however that also adds to the cost. In my opinion ISCSI
has a promising future and works well in small environments or in a
dedicated 1GB lan.

Here is a link that you may want to look at:


Jose Medeiros :-)


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Thanks Jose, I appreciate the info. I have a Compaq StorageWorks 4314 SAN (attached to a server) and a Snap Server 4100 (attached to the network). I'll have to learn more about the ISCSI Software for the Snap and the MSA500 for the Compaq and make a decision. Thanks again.


Jeffrey Moscone

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Hi Jeff,

You can use a NAS device using  the ISCSI Initatator as long as the snap

server has ISCSI Target software. However if this is to be a heavily
server I would recommend against this unless it's on it's own Gigabit or

better LAN.
HP has a MSA 500 with Direct Attached Storage ( DAS ) which is low cost
supports clustering. If you already have the servers that you want to
take a look at the HP MSA 1500, that is what I am using in our QA IT
lab and I am very happy with it.


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Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange 2003 Cluster Question

Please direct me to the correct forum if know one can answer this.

I need to set up a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise cluster
(2node) with Exchange 2003 Enterprise. I've done a lot of research and
found much useful information pertaining to set up, but not much in the
storage arena. My question is can I use a NAS device for the quorum
data, such as a Snap Server that is attached to my LAN (via ethernet) or
do I need to have a SCSI Storage device with fiber connectivity between
servers and storage?

Thanks a lot.


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