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Do you know what patches are installed?
Do you know what files have been updated by that installation?

My Exch server, which has SP2 and all the latest updates reports version 
6.5.7638.1 for that file.  Maybe you need to head out to the MU site with this 

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In Best Practices v2.6 I am getting the follow message:
Updated EXCDO.DLL file detected
EXCDO.DLL file version on the server asnmail.autosoldnow.local is more recent 
than the installed version of Exchange. This is probably a hotfix. Installed 
file version 6.5.7620.29 
It has a yellow flag beside it, when I check out what MS's technet says all I 
get are links to Exchange 2000 or 2003 downloads site. Is this something I 
should worry about?
Oh I almost forgot I have Exchange 2003 SP2 installed which sits on top of 
Windows 2003 Server SE AD :(


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In short-n-sweet...
First upgrade your Exchange to 2003 from 2000 and then upgrade the AD to 
Windows 2003 Forest Level.
Upgrading Exchange would be as simple as putting the CD and following the 
Exchange Deployment Tool to upgrade. 
For Windows 2003 upgrade you will need to run ADPREP with a /FORESTPREP and 
/DOMAINPREP option and then upgrade the DC. 
Internet and Microsoft Support Site will get you more detailed answers on that.
On 5/20/06, Elmehdi Bendriss <bendriss@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Hi all,

                I have a single windows 2000 Domain/AD with Exchange 2000 on 
it; it hosts 25 account, and i'm planning to migrate everything to 2003 version 
                Can you please advice me how to proceed.
                thank you in advance,


        Bendriss Elmehdi
        La théorie, c'est quand on sait tout et que rien ne fonctionne. 
        La pratique, c'est quand tout fonctionne et que personne ne sait 
        Ici, nous avons réuni théorie et pratique : Rien ne fonctionne... et 
personne ne sait pourquoi !

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