Exchange 2003 \ 5.5 ADC problems

  • From: "Bob" <bob.hall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:31:04 -0600


I have just setup a new Exchange 2003 sp1 server in the UK. I am migrating
the users from the existing 5.5 sp4 server within the UK site to the new
2k3 server. The ADC box is in the US, at my site. All of my Exchange
servers are in the same site. Four Exchange 5.5 servers and one Exchange
2k3 server. When I move users in the UK to the newer server, and give it
some time to replicate, there are no problems in sending or recieving
emails from those users. Both to and from the Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2k3

When I create a new user ID with "AD Users and Computers" and go through
the same to create the email account when prompted, it will of course only
let me create the new account on the new Exchange 2k3 server called
"Jaguar". This is appropriate I would think. But even though I can see the
email account on the 2k3 server, and I am able to log in as this let's say
test account at this point, connect to the email server with the Outlook
client, it resolves the name of the server and email account just fine,
and lets me send email to users both on the new 2k3 server and my existing
Exchange 5.5 servers with NO problem. But when I try to send an email to
this "AD Created" user from a 5.5 account, I get an "Unknown recipient"
NDR back on the 5.5 client.

If I create another "New" account, using the "AD Users and Computers" to
create the ID only, and create the "New" email account using the Exchange
5.5 manager, and then move the mailbox to the new Exchange 2003 server,
wait for a little replication time, the emailbox\client works just fine in
getting or sending emails to and from any of the users, be they Exchange
2k3 or 5.5..

I tend to think this to be an "ADC" issue in replicating the "Exchange
2k3" users to the "Exchange 5.5" address list. It seems that if the "user"
is or has been in the "GAL" on 5.5, there is no problem in identifying the
user or his server, but if the "user" has never been in the "5.5 GAL",
then the ADC is not populating it from the "Exchange 2k3 GAL" to the "5.5

Does this make sense, and does anyone have any clues as to how to get this
functional. HELP!!

Thanx in advance for any help

Bob Hall

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