RE: Exchange 2000 installed on memberserver and problems all over..

  • From: "Mario" <mjakarel@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 12:27:11 -0700

Sorry, you probarly missed the point here.
All that has been carried out already.
The current problem is during testing the users mailboxes for sending or
receive local or internet mail, the error stating the timeperiod of
inactivity was too long.
The second problem was Exchange creating double objects in IIS, then when
trying to acces IIS, it is not accessable.
I´m logged in as ent.admin, otherwise it is not possible to acces the AD.

> To do a forestprep you can insert the Exchange CD into your DC and run =
> setup.exe /forest prep, you only have to make sure the account that you =
> are logged in with is a member of the Enterprise Admin and Scheme Admins =
> group
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> Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange 2000 installed on memberserver and =
> problems all over..
> The current situation:
> Obtained my own public domain and connected my local domain to it, like:
> AD domain with 1 dc, 1 member as fileserver for p2p filesharing, 1 =
> member as isa2000/dns server with 2 network cards, connected to ethernet =
> modem.
> DC is fresh installed and tested with various tools and works just fine.
> In order to prepare the forest with /forestprep and /domainprep, I have =
> to add the ent.admin account to the admin group of the local =
> memberserver earlier added to the domain.
> If that account is not added to the local admin group, when logging into =
> the memberserver as local admin, there is no acces to the AD, but full =
> acces to the local member.
> The other way around, when logging into the memberserver as ent.admin, =
> there is full acces to the AD, but only limited acces to the local =
> member.
> Then I prepared the forest and the domain, that was a piece of cake.
> After preparation with logged in as ent.admin, I managed to install =
> Exchange and updated it with sp3.
> Then I configured DNS at the DC with 2 MX records like mxmail with =
> priority of 20 and the domain name with priority of 10.
> I configured the various a-records and Cnames.
> At last I configured ISA for secure mail exchange internally.
> Then at the memberserver configured with Exchange, I opened the AD for =
> the users to configure their mailboxes.
> Then the problems start occuring, when I tried to test the accounts by =
> sending and receiving test messages.
> The error stating the time of inactivity regarding sending and receive =
> was too long.
> The second problem occured, a problem regarding IIS stating that the =
> reason for faillure is an object that already exists.
> But to open IIS to check the problem is not possible.
> Conclusion here,
> Obviously I did something wrong!
> Who can help?
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