Exchange 2000 disaster

  • From: "Geoffrey de Caires" <gdecaires@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 06:33:40 -0800

Hello All,
I need some help but I need to give the full background so please bear
with me.
I have a client with SBS server and Exchange 2000 installed on his
company server. At intitial configuration, the hard drive crashed
corrupting the existing operating system. I reinstalled a new operating
system but since then I have had many problems. 
The SBS installs without error but when I attempt to configure Exchange
2000, using administrator 5.5 which is what is provided, I have started
recieving many errors. I have to this point managed to get the office
mail working to a certain extent, I.E. users can send mail through the
exchange server to the internet and mail is coming in from the ISP to
the server but is not being distributed to indivdual users. As well, in
Exchange administrator 5.5, I cannot create a new Internet Mail Service
as I am told that there is already a service in existence on the server.
I cannot see the service however, all that is listed is an SMTP
connector that does not allow me to configure for indvidual mailbox
delivery. I also cannot access public folders in order to share contacts
and the calender. 
I need helo in a big way. If the best solution is removing and
reinstalling Exchange I am willing but I have tried this and still
recieve that same errors which is I believe, due to the fact that many
exchange entries and files are not being removed. I also tried removing
and reinstalling the active directory connector and the installing a new
Internet Mail Service but when I complete the wizard i am prompted that
files are missing and I cannot find them anywhere.
Thanks in advance

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