Exchange 2000 and PKI

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We are thinking about security of the email services at our network, we have 
exchange 2000 servers, smtp gateways on unix and 3 firewall's
The goal is to rise the security level of our internal email process, such as 
user authentication and content checking of all email send.
At first we were thinking about PKI, but I've spoken with some colleges and a 
engineer for Microsoft technical support, and implementing PKI seems to be a 
real challenge/impossible.
According to Microsoft pki is not working properly on windows 2000, maybe on 
windows 2003, but they are not for sure if that's true.
I would like to know if anyone has past experience with pki or other 
authentication methods... The basic thing we want to accomplish is that each 
email send is really from the 
official owner of the email address, so it has to be some kind of user 
authentication and not session authentication, and it has to work on different 
platforms (microsoft/novell/unix), and different user input devices
(workstation,pda,thinclient,wireless lan).
For the content checking I was thinking towards GFI software, Mail essentials, 
I would like to hear your experience especially with pki


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