RE: Exchange 2000 SMTP Not sending mail.

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When sending mail via a dialup networking condition mail is not sent when
you connect, it is sent based on when the retry times are
fails to be delivered and sits in the queue, in 5 minutes it tries to send
again, 15 minutes later it retries, 30 min later it tries
again....etc..etc..until the failure time limit is reached.   What this
means is that if your connection is not up when it reties, it will sit in
the queue.  Try extending out the amount of time that your ISDN is connected
to your ISP.   This has always been a problem with the dial-up functions on

Joe Kinne
Prime Electric, Inc.
Network Services Division

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Hi all,

I have a SBS2K Server with and ISDN Dial up connection to my ISP.

It dials up every 15mins to send mail, but at lot of the time, the mail just
sits in the Queue in the SMTP Virtual Server

I have to choose Force Connection to get the mail to leave..

Any ideas?



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