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The exchange offline defrag doesn't work.
You have to do a offline defrag.
Firstly you have to unmount the store and use ESEUTIL /d <database name>.(
The defrag option does not do any compression. It simply recovers unused
buckets from the database, which tend to build up over time.)However keep
in mind that buckets will be re-used when ever possible. Unless disk space
is really critical I wouldn't do a defrag as part of "normal" maintenance,
during this process the database in unavailable to your users.
You can do this using the eseutil /d command which is found in the
exchsrvr\bin directory

Its a good idea to keep the OS and mail databases seperate.
Follow this link to move the database.

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Hello all,
    Below is a message from a buddy of mine who is not an Exchange admin,
but has been put in charge of a datacenter that happens to run Exchange
2000.  As a 5.5 admin, I would like to get someone else's opinion before
recommending a solution to him....

> -----Original Message-----
> Hey man,
> I have a question about Exchange maybe you can help me with:
> 1.  The exchange database files a few months ago were around 2-3 G,
> suddenly they jumped to 9 G in the last month or so.  No one has really
> been using email and after checking the mailbox sizes it doesn't add up
> 9G.  Does exchange 2K automatically run a defrag on the database or is
> that something I need to do manually?  Have you heard of any reason why
> the database size would just jump in size like that?  I have been looking
> for log files and other crap that might be filling the files up but most
> of that is disabled.  I can't find anything on the site or
> Microsoft's site.  Maybe the database is just that large all the sudden
> but it seems fishy.
> I am running a backup of the entire database and need to play with the
> server for a bit.
> 2.  Have you ever moved the default mailbox location?  I have a D drive
> with 45 G free so I figured I could just move the mailboxes to that drive
> and leave the C drive alone for the OS.  Would that be a good plan or
> should we just extend the C drive out?

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