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You don't need to do an offline backup to restore to an offline server.
In fact offline backups are not recommended by Microsoft for a number of
reasons most of which have to do with logfile and database consistency.
There are ocassional reasons for doing offline backups however the
Exchange backup APIs allow for a complete online backup.
Building an offline exchange server does require several steps to be
acomplished but once complete you can restore a database to the offline
server from files created during a regular exchange backup using the
Backup Exec or the builtin Windows 2000 backup utility.
If you are interested in building an offline exchange server I would
check out and article by Joseph Neubauer called Buld and Offline
Exchange 2000 server in 9 steps. It was published in the Sept 2001 issue
of Exchange & Outlook Administrator.  This should be available online at It is instant doc #21801. You may have to
subscribe to browse the article, or I think you can buy it.
At any rate you do not need to do an offline backup to use and offline
exchange server for restoring.

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        First thought is that the Backup Exec account does not
privileges to shut down services whereas when you run the batch file
manually, as administrator, you do have the privileges. 
        Maybe pipe output from the batch file, when run by Backup Exec,
to a text file or try adding the Backup Exec service account to

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                I don't know whether you have come across this one but
it has totally perplexed me and I can't find anything on the web to
suggest what is happening.

                I have been reading various papers on Exchange 2000
disaster recovery. And the common suggestion is that it is good to have
an offline exchange server in the background that can be used to recover
lost users data or in the event of a disaster rebuild your site.

                However, to achieve this, you need to have an offline
backup of your server, databases, log files, system state etc. 

                Veritas Backup Exec allows you to do this by including
an "execute before backup starts" and an "execute after backup
completes" batch file when you run a job. They suggest on their tech
support site to use the following script which we have copied and used:


                NET STOP pop3svc /yes

                NET STOP imap4svc /yes

                NET STOP MSExchangeES /yes

                NET STOP MSExchangeMTA /yes

                NET STOP MSExchangeIS /yes

                NET STOP MSExchangeSA /yes

                NET STOP MSExchangeSA /yes

                This shuts down all the services before the backup
starts. A similar batch file starts the services following completion of
the backup.

                The only problem is that it does not appear to work.

                If you execute the batch file from windows by double
clicking it's icon in explorer (when logged on with the backup exec
service account) the batch file works fine and all the services are
properly shut down.

                However, when run from the backup software, although the
log file shows that the batch file has been run, the services are not
shut down and the .edb and .stm files are not backed up (says skipping
open files).

                This seems bizarre. We used to use a script with
Exchange 5.5 every once in a while and I know that that worked.

                My thoughts are that maybe the Windows 2000 security
patches (lockdown.exe and urlscan.exe) are preventing command line
access to the backup exec program. Could this be so and have you seen
anything similar?

                Happy Chrismas and all the best.

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