RE: Exchange 2000 Inbound configuration issues on home network...again!

  • From: "Thomas W Shinder" <tshinder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 21:43:07 -0500

Hi Marvin,
You might want to set the relay settings back. If some spammer gets even
a sniff of an open relay, he'll use you ASAP and then you'll end up on
some dirtbag's RBL (yes, I hate RBLs even more than spammers most of the
time -- spammers are criminals because they want to make money, RBLs are
criminals because they think they're doing the right thing -- the ladder
type of criminal is far more dangerous). 
What I would do now is use the utility at:
and send yourself an email. I get this result:

SMTP Connection:

ERROR: Error connecting to host     
This indicates a couple of things to me:
1. SW Bell is blocking inbound TCP 25
2. Something is whack with the port forwarding
Now, how would I solve this? This is where using ISA would have been
helpful. If you were using ISA, and the ISA external interface were
directly connected to the Internet (using a cable or DSL modem), then
you could use Network Monitor and see if the inbound SMTP packets ever
make it to the ISA firewall.
Does the Linksys have any type of network analyzer like this built in?
Of even a log file you could check to see if inbound TCP 25 was being
I would run NetMon on the Exchange Server to see if the inbound TCP 25
connections reach the Exchange Server. If not, it indicates either the
port forwarding on the Linksys is whack, or SW Bell is fibbing to you
regarding inbound TCP 25 -- I suspect this is the case, since my
understanding is that they only allow this for dedicated
address/business accounts.
Thomas W Shinder <>  
ISA Server and Beyond:
Configuring ISA Server:

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issues on home network...again!
        Yes I've forwarded ports 25 & 80 from the linksys for the
exchange server which is using the default ip for its
gateway. I've also created a new recipient policy for and relaxed the default settings to allow relay
through All except the list below, for testing purposes. 
        Being that I run my websites on a linux server using virtual
hosts on port 80 I was having a hard time getting rules published that
would make all sites, which is only 3, accessible. I could only get
access the initial site, The other 2 wasn't accessible,
even after creating the filters and publishing rules. It was advised
that I'd have to change the ports for each of the other 2 sites or get
static IP's for these to work correctly under ISA. At that point I
figured I'd come back to it once I got a handle on what all needed to be

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