RE: Exchange 2000 DR with SAN replication.

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Your original post was not detailed enough to answer the question.

More information about requirements is needed.  You've given a possible goal
but no idea or background as to why or what the acceptable solution could
look like.

Could you deploy a third node to the cluster?  Yes and no.  It depends on
your environment and how much latency exists between the data repositories,
the WAN links etc. (assuming this is across a WAN). Just adding a third node
to the cluster may not achieve what you want to accomplish if the data isn't
replicated fast enough.   

You have not specified what level of service needs to be available during
any disaster event.  You haven't specified the distances etc. 


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Dear Raj,

You are right that Cluster is an ideal solution but Remember that I need
some kind of cluster in which it will be 4 nodes and 2 storage.


If you see my initial diagram I have 2 SAN Box's which are already set in
Sync with each other.


The 2nd SAN Box was introduced to have a failover.


Now tell me has you and one tried DR in this kind of scenario. 









From: Rajnish Malik [mailto:rajnish@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 6:47 AM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange 2000 DR with SAN replication.
Importance: High

Dear Friends,


I have the following situation with exchange 2000 running in a cluster



Site 1                                                       Site 2


Server A <---->Server B                          Server C

|                                                               |

SAN Box |---------------------------------------| SAN Box (Replication)



I have one site in which my exchange server (Server A & Server B) are
running in a cluster and data is stored in SAN Storage (Data, Logs, Qurun)


Now I need to add another DISTATER RECOVERY SITE. We have successfully
configured the SAN replication between these sites for (Data & Logs). 


Is their a way I can make Server C as exchange server to service my client
request in case of any failure.


Await your reply.










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