RE: Exchange 2000 DR with SAN replication.

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:02:20 +0400

Dear Raj,

You are right that Cluster is an ideal solution but Remember that I need
some kind of cluster in which it will be 4 nodes and 2 storage.


If you see my initial diagram I have 2 SAN Box's which are already set
in Sync with each other.


The 2nd SAN Box was introduced to have a failover.


Now tell me has you and one tried DR in this kind of scenario. 









From: Rajnish Malik [mailto:rajnish@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange 2000 DR with SAN replication.
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Dear Friends,


I have the following situation with exchange 2000 running in a cluster



Site 1                                                       Site 2


Server A <---->Server B                          Server C

|                                                               |

SAN Box |---------------------------------------| SAN Box (Replication)



I have one site in which my exchange server (Server A & Server B) are
running in a cluster and data is stored in SAN Storage (Data, Logs,


Now I need to add another DISTATER RECOVERY SITE. We have successfully
configured the SAN replication between these sites for (Data & Logs). 


Is their a way I can make Server C as exchange server to service my
client request in case of any failure.


Await your reply.










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