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I might just try to get a final word in (although that is unlikely!).
This thread started reasonably early Saturday morning, our local time.
It is now late Sunday night our time. Have just finished (4 hours back)
a very long weekend of SBS2000 & Terminal Server with 12 clients setup.
So as per (Microsoft) usual, not everything went as smooth as it should
although pretty much to plan :)

Mark, you are correct in that this list is not just for me, but I just
offered an opinion as (at the time of writing) nobody else had. You made
a valid comment which was really the catalyst for the flame (IMHO). If
Steve Moffatt, hadn't made any derogatory comments, it may not have gone
any further. We Aussies do know that we have an attitude, but it is up
to us to decide whether we want to live up to it or not!

The comments in support or against what I originally said are somewhat
irrelevant now, as the most important issue (IMHO) is to ensure that
another Exchange Server is running & configured correctly. But, either
because a few people decided to keep the banter going, or because Dustin
wasn't in much of a hurry to get an answer (I see that he posted around
2100 on Friday night, which likely puts him in Central USA??), now
nearly 48 hrs later Dustin has not got back to the group. That in its
own right is curious.

Maybe if he answers the questions I asked, or even the simple one that
Mark asked, someone can help him out. It is all very well offering for
contact of the list, but what benefit is there in that? If everyone went
off list to provide help, then we would not be able to learn something
by "looking over their shoulder".

In closing, I am surprised that my post got as much interest, when some
of JT's post lately (IMHO) have been somewhat more terse (& certainly
much shorter!). Maybe the best help for Dustin is paid professional

Stephen Hartley

PS I'm not having a dig at you John :)

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Maybe we could have some arrangement involving the trading of beers for
exchange teaching :)

Greg Mulholland

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