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Not exactly. If you experience a disaster recovery and your Exchange
crashes you do up to step 7. When it comes time to installing Exchange
you need to run setup.exe /disasterrecovery. When your Exchange crashes,
your AD still has orphaned Exchange objects. By using the
/disasterrecovery switch you're re-establishing your Exchange server
back into the AD structure. The steps you described below will also
work, but you will have to run setup with the /removeorg switch to
remove the Exchange org from AD, then you can install a fresh install of
Exchange again. Either way will work to restore the DB. The critical
thing is that the config is exactly as before, patches, partitions etc.
The preferred method is the disaster recovery switch though. 

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Hi All, 

My name is Rola Mohammed, i am cute girl , my age is 28 Years , i am
from Egypt.

i am still new to the world of exchange.

while i am thinking of Exchange Plan for Backup & Restore.

i have here 3 Servers, One Domain Controller , & One ISA SERVER WITH 2
NIC, One Exchange server 2003 Enterprise edition.

WHILE i am planing to backup, he told me , that incase of any disaster &
you are unable to retrive the exchange server backup, just only take it
out from Network & then do the following :-

1- Take the Backup of the system state of the exchange server which you
take it on weekly basics & then  but infront of you.

2- formate the server completely.

3- install the same operating system and with the same configuration for
the drivers & Partion.

4- donot join the server to the domain at all.

5- restore the System State to the server .

6-  restart the server .

7- then join the server to the doamin.

8- Put the exchange CD & run the Normal Commands - Forest Prep & Domain

9- run restore DB to restore the DB

9- then you will find that the exchange server is return back to the
same status and no one of users say something about it, 

My question, is that correct ? and is that correct to run forest prep
agian ?

please some one guide me to the correct steps .


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