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Well, it's good to know that you are a "cute girl". :-P

The major step missing is "setup /disasterrecovery" that would come
between your step 8 and step 9.

This process is discussed in detail in the Disaster Recovery Operations
Guide available at:

However, it can often be quicker and less painful to build a second
server and use recovery storage groups along with dial-tone recovery.
Those processes are discussed in the document above, along with more
detail in Using Exchange Server 2003 Recovery Storage Groups available

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Hi All, 

My name is Rola Mohammed, i am cute girl , my age is 28 Years , i am

i am still new to the world of exchange.

while i am thinking of Exchange Plan for Backup & Restore.

i have here 3 Servers, One Domain Controller , & One ISA SERVER WITH 2
One Exchange server 2003 Enterprise edition.

WHILE i am planing to backup, he told me , that incase of any disaster &
are unable to retrive the exchange server backup, just only take it out
Network & then do the following :-

1- Take the Backup of the system state of the exchange server which you
it on weekly basics & then  but infront of you.

2- formate the server completely.

3- install the same operating system and with the same configuration for
drivers & Partion.

4- donot join the server to the domain at all.

5- restore the System State to the server .

6-  restart the server .

7- then join the server to the doamin.

8- Put the exchange CD & run the Normal Commands - Forest Prep & Domain

9- run restore DB to restore the DB

9- then you will find that the exchange server is return back to the
status and no one of users say something about it, 

My question, is that correct ? and is that correct to run forest prep
agian ?

please some one guide me to the correct steps .


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