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Thanks Malik, it solve my problem!

I would sniff only one specific mailbox, not all mailboxes on the server, is it too possible?


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Hello Danial,
What you need to do is to create a new account with exchange mailbox and
then go to open exchange system manager->first storage group->right
click mailboxes store->properties and under the general option enable
Archive all messages send or received by mailboxes to this store.Then
browse to that particular mail box that you created.

Keep in mind that you wont be able to send or receive mail on that
particular mailbox. This mailbox is created entirely for one purpose and
that is to archive all the mail

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When some domain user send a email (outgoing) for any destination, I
want to make a copy of every message, or forward a copy to other mailbox to.

Like "exchange advanced, delivery otions, forward to, delivery messages
both forward and mailbox", but this work only for inbounds to mailbox.


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