RE: Exch 5.5 on W2K server connected to Exch 5 .5 on NT4 server in different domain

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I think you hit the nail on the head. I had not used the service account
created for the existing Exchange servers. I uninstalled and reinstalled,
selecting the service account but, I got the 0xc002041d error message. I
checked the KB and found article Q182513 explaining that I had to be logged
on with the service account. Because this service account sits on a
different domain I got the error message: local policy does not permit
logging on to this account interactively. I used the ntrights utility to try
and remove this restriction, but it still does not allow me to log on.

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> These are 2 sites within the same organization. In fact, 

So when you installed Exch5.5 on the Win2k server you used the service
account from the other domain and attached it as a new site at that time?
In other words, you had network connectivity and the installation appeared
to work fine but now the sites aren't showing up properly in the Exchange
Admin program?

If that's the case then I assume that you've already verified that you can
map network drives in both directions and connectivity is not the issue.
What are you getting in the event logs on the two boxes?

I'd probably try deleting and recreating the connectors if you haven't
already.  I've also successfully used site connectors on 64k frame isn't recommended but that doesn't mean it won't work.

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