Exch 5.5 and W2K AD Connector email address problem

  • From: "Preziosi, Mary" <mpreziosi@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:07:23 -0500

Several months ago I upgraded my Exchange 5.5 SP4 server from Windows NT 4.0
to Windows 2000 Adv Server. I also upgraded the two domain controllers in
the domain to Windows 2000 Adv Server SP2 at that time. The Exchange 5.5
server is a member server. I configured an AD connector and everything was
fine for a while. I was creating users in AD, specifying that I wanted to
create a mailbox. This user information would replicate over to the Exchange
5.5 server and the user would get an SMTP email address automatically. I
always thought the connector was responsible for this. I never had to go
into the 5.5 Administrator at all to touch users. 

Suddenly for the past few days when I create a user in AD, although I can
specify that I want to create a mailbox on my Exchange 5.5 server, the
mailbox is not created. There are no email addresses on the email tab, the
user does not replicate into the Exchange 5.5 recipients container. If I
create an email address on the Email tab, it quickly disappears. If I create
the user in Exchange 5.5 the user can log onto Windows but not into Outlook
because they have no email address in AD even though they appear to have one
in Exchange 5.5. A Microsoft engineer has been trying to help me with this
but has come up with nothing so far. We turned on diagnostic logging for the
connector but no errors are shown. The only errors I have on my 5.5 server
are Master Browser errors which I have always gotten. If you have any ideas
at all about what might be going on here, I would really appreciate your

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